Pay $10.


Download Sample Data File


Download Program with code

The download code and the program  will be emailed to you as an attachment.

   This small program will save you one minute every time you log onto the Interactive Brokers web site.

   No more looking for the code card, reading the small letters, and typing your user name, password, and code characters onto the screen.

   Isn't that worth $10?

                How it works:

This program lets you quickly log on to the Interactive Brokers web site

Upon clicking the starting icon,  your  user name and password are already entered.

Two numbers are displayed by IBC. Type those into the two fields in our program. Then click "GO".

A field is displayed with six characters. Copy and paste this into the IBC web field and click "Enter". You are then logged on.

The program will end and close 20 seconds after the "GO" click.

If you don't want your user name or password to be displayed, do not put them in the text file, "IBCLOG.txt". Put "xxx" instead.

To get started using the program, you must create a text file named "IBCLOG.txt" that holds your logon codes from the wallet card sent to you by IB. The first two lines of the file are your user name and password. If you don't want them displayed on the screen, type in "xxx" for each. Then type in a list of the three digit characters from your IBC card.

A faster way to make the text file is by scanning your card to a file and cutting and pasting the characters to the text file.

When the file is complete, save it and  run our program. Optionally, you may encrypt the list file by clicking "Encrypt" in the help window "?". This will produce a second text file encrypted, named "IBCLOG2.txt". You may delete the first text file or copy it to somewhere else. If you don't want to use the encryption option, just don't make the second text file.

The encryption is not perfect but it will stop almost all snoopers. Your sensitive files and programs should be on an encrypted area of your hard disk drive anyway. Reference Truecrypt.com.

There is no connection to the internet. The program is not installed, it is stand-alone so it can not affect your computer.

If you want to place an icon on your screen to run the program, right-click the screen (desktop). Click New, Shortcut, find the location of the program IBCLOG.EXE and click Next and Finish.

(c) 2012 Barrett Leibe

P.O. Box 24096, New Orleans, LA 70184

division of Polygon Industries, Inc.