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  This site will save you time and money. No longer will you have to squint through reading the classified newspaper columns every morning or drive to pick up bid documents.

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 Search for and list Bids for jobs and products.

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0) { while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $aa="bottom"; $bb="arial"; $cc="2"; echo ""; ?> $row[2] "; //BTITLE title $opendate1=substr($row[9],5,2); //opening date $opendate2=substr($row[9],8,2); $opendate3=substr($row[9],0,4); echo ""; echo ""; //yconame buyer name echo ""; //ycity buyer city settype($row[25],"integer"); echo ""; //BBONDAMT bond echo ""; //BBRAND brand echo ""; //LCITY where echo ""; //BDESCR note text echo ""; //BSPECIAL desc text echo ""; } } echo ""; ?>
Bid Number Title Open/Meet Date Buyer City Bond Brand Where Note Spe cial
"> $opendate1-$opendate2-$opendate3 /\n"; $meetdate1=substr($row[23],5,2); //opening date $meetdate2=substr($row[23],8,2); $meetdate3=substr($row[23],0,4); echo "$meetdate1-$meetdate2-$meetdate3 $row[34] $row[38] $row[25] $row[17] $row[52] $row[10] $row[20] 

(Please select multiple answers if they apply - Hold down control key to select multiple items:)

\n"; ?>
// // // // // // // // // ?>
  State:       City:       Type:
  DateRange:        From: (mm/dd/yyyy)    To: (mm/dd/yyyy)
Leave date blank for beginning or end range.

The Date Above Is:       //Open Date Cancel Date // Issue Date Last Change Date
The Open Date is the // opening date for the solicitation, the Cancel Date is the cancellation date of the // solicitation, the Issue Date is the date the solicitation was first released, and // the Last Change Date is the date the solicitation posting was most recently // updated.
Key Words: 
Type up to 5 words that may appear in the document title, number, buyer, city, where, note, or special. A match on any word, and that fits the other criteria, will result in that document being listed. List each keyword separated by a space. To search for shovels and picks type Shovels Picks. Leave blank for no key word search.

Our Mission

To become your company's bid source specialists. To list bid items in a clear format for you to quickly find those of interest and print out the bid documents immediately.

Company Profile

Since 1977, we have spent many years reading the fine print, searching for the important points, and driving to pick up bid forms. Often, we missed bidding on jobs and purchases that we would have won. We have also won some that made the tedious work worthwile.

We are now doing this work for you, presenting the important points in a formalized manner and allowing you to have instant print-outs of the documents.

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          Polygon Industries, Inc.
504-451-5721        800-326-7083
Postal address
P.O. Box 24096, New Orleans, LA    70184, U.S.A.
Electronic mail
General Information: 72377.3634@csi.com
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