GateKount (tm)

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Now you can be sure the shopper count does not exceed the maximum.

GateKount automatically counts the customers coming in and deducts the count for customers leaving. It also shows a total for the day.

If the maximum is exceed, the flashing beacon lights and goes out as soon as someone leaves.

Operation: Plug in in between the In and Out doors. Flip on the switch.

What is the value? GateKount replaces the person keeping a count. If his wage is $15 per hour with $5 benefits, that equals $20 x 10 hours x 30 days = $6000/month.

Terms: purchase, lease,  or monthly rent.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does it sense a passing person? Sound waves.

What if two are abrest? That would be counted as one, but the same for two leaving so the total in house should stay about the same.

What is the warranty? 1 year immediate replacement.


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