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Cloud Backup and Disaster Prevention


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anti-microbial keyboards, mice, etc.


Case Management for Non-Profit Organizations

Workshop Class to make Android Apps

Help with Starting a New Business

StockCheck investment analysis

DonateMaster - automobile donation tax credit

HomeShowGNO - locate contractors & suppliers













   For many years we have been supporting IT systems in the New Orleans area. From five computer stores, we have sold thousands of computers to the largest companies in the area. If you are one of our customers, please let us continue to serve you. If not, we welcome you to try our services.

   Our specialty has become moving in-house networks and file servers to the cloud. See

   Yes, backup to the cloud is now cost effective and necessary. In many cases, we can do away with your file server altogether and operate your office, branch offices, and out-of-office workers in a SD-WAN environment (distributed networking through the internet).

Call Now for a cost free evaluation and consultation   504-451-5721

   The best products for the best price. We have always had the latest technology for the best prices around, but now that hardware is a commodity, we can help you get the most from your systems and add new capabilities.

    The Paperless Office. Perhaps a myth, but we should strive to achive it. The office is based on documents: invoices, messages, letters, bills, forms, etc. These should be digital as much as possible, distributed throughout the system, indexed and accessible from anywhere, anytime. Finally, they become records, stored for a time, and then destroyed. Let us help you get there and save a large percentage of your operational expenses.


















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