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Cloud Backup and Disaster Prevention


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anti-microbial keyboards, mice, etc.

   We have sold hundreds of computers and networks to each of the schools, universities, and government agencies. Our integration projects have included varied system design, complex system programming, and large training contracts.

    Over the years, we have participated in many professional and community associations, such as the Crescent City Computer Club, N.O. PC Club, Linux User Group, Windows NT User Group, Alpha Micro User Group, and many others.

    We have exhibited in many trade shows, including Comdex three times, Hannover Messe three times, Paris Computer Show, Geneva Computer Expo, London Computer Expo, NCC three times, and numerous local shows.

    We have trained at many industry vendor classes including IBM, Horizon, Alpha Micro, North Star, Osborne, etc.

    We are accepted as Representatives, Partners, and have the Certifications of many vendors, such as IBM Business Partner, Symantec Partner, Lear-Siegler Representative, MySQL Referenced Reseller, and many others.





Software Express, Inc.
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