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                                     Annual Dues

Our By-Laws state that in order for a member to be in good standing in this Association, they shall pay annual membership dues as follows:

Every owner of a lot in Covington Country Club Estates shall pay annual dues of $75.00
All dues are to be paid on a calendar year basis and shall become due on January 1
Only members who are in good standing are permitted to vote on matters pertaining the Association

What are your annual dues used for?

Mowing and maintaining the main entrance to our neighborhood
Maintaining street signs
Neighborhood social events such as the Fun Run, Night Out Against Crime Block Party, Halloween Party, Holiday Party, Egg Hunt and contests
Maintaining lights on the service road
Neighborhood insurance and taxes
Quarterly printing and postage for our neighborhood newsletter
Maintenance of our neighborhood website

Please print and complete the form below with a check made payable to CCCEOA and mail it to the Treasurer of the Board:

Miles Mark
110 South Drive
Covington, LA 70433

Download Dues Form:
Word Document
PDF Document





















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